Let’s Keep it real, Let’s Be honest, Let’s bring some truth to the light. I know this may hurt some people’s feelings and I know some people may brand me as a hater, but if you really know me then you know I’m all about uplifting, teaching and educating because there is enough money for all of us in this business, well at least those of us that work for it. When it comes to the adult industry some things have been made obsolete due to the internet and social networks. One of the biggest things that are no longer needed is for female entertainers that are at a certain level to have managers. Here is why I believe what I believe.
A lot of website owners and producers don’t want to deal with managers due to the bad reputations they have. Also every chick coming in the business wants instant money and fame like Pinky, but do not put in the hard work or know how to in order to obtain it. They don’t want a middle man who will be taking a cut from their money when the prices for shoots have dropped due to several factors. Social networks allow for more connectivity and interaction between producers and both male and female talent. It also allows for a greater insight into individuals’ lives, their habits and to some degree their personalities, especially if they tweet any & everything. Producers and talent are able to get in contact with each other and discuss business without the task of going through and manager or agency. They are able to negotiate price, rates and travel arrangements without the help of a manager that would normally be taking a percentage. Individuals are also able to connect, talk and socialize with peers in real time about managers, producers, sites and the industry all together. So when a manager or “suitcase pimp” does something foul it usually plays out in a social network.
I have sat back and watched individuals pop up on AOL, Yahoo Groups, MySpace, Tagged, and Facebook and now Twitter throughout the years. I have watched individuals mess up the game by ruining a females expectations of what the business is about, by lying to females promising paid jobs and gigs if they fuck them or give them some head. Like assholes everyone has opinions, and mine is that when money and sex are involved people tend to try to wear too many hats. You can’t be portraying yourself as some ones manager taking a percentage for booked gigs, shooting them for your companies dvds, taking a percentage of that and being male talent also from time to time, doing shit like that makes you a “pussy hound” or just as thirsty as fan boys(another story all together). The individuals that do operate like this seem to find themselves always being disappointed, always in some drama and always cutting ties with talent after messy situations occur.
Managers these days are becoming useless, the ones that are still around need to try to not wear so many hats and step up their professionalism. They need to focus on being pure managers and leave all the other bullshit to the side. They need to focus on learning how to market and cultivate individuals brand on the internet. Wanted to make this short and brief, I know I may have offended some people, but I really don’t give a fuck, that’s why we have blogs in 2013.