This is going to be fun. So, it’s Urban X Award time again and as always, I wonder how many people are sitting behind their computers constantly nominating themselves on a daily basis. I wonder how many people that can’t really afford to attend and are not really in the business like that will break their necks as well as bank accounts to fly out to California to attend an event that really does not support them or help further their Adult Internet presence. Now I know the Urban X Awards just popped back up on the scene and I know they have a few kinks to work out, BUT they can be doing a lot better, especially when it comes to their website. Now I do not profess to have the best-looking most fluid sites, but I will say I know how to outsource the work I need to be done to make it look presentable. I sent Urban X Awards a Tweet, as seen below, in which not only did I criticize their websites look, but I also gave them a few compliments on their promotional material and advertising. It took a day or so, but I was responded with the statement below, tell me do they seem mad or what lol. I have a smart mouth, but one thing I do not do is criticize without being able to either fix the problem or point you in the right direction. @UrbanXawards Like I said you need someone that is or will be dedicated to your internet presence and look year around not just a couple months before your money grabbing award show takes place. Also @UrbanXAwards if you don’t want to be Criticized than don’t be in the Public Eye.